Thursday, February 5, 2009

It's Only a Paper Moon (Nat King Cole)

After running errands today, I am now nicely equiped with a huge fancy paper cutter and really swanky-looking cardstock. The only reason I find either of these things relevant is because I'm making cards rather than buying them (I've been ruined about buying cards. They all seem so tacky now.) and because I can't cut a straight line to save my life.

Of course, the cardstock goes quite nicely with the lime green envelopes I bought the other day and the slightly over-thick recycled paper I made in my chem lab.
As a note, this isn't a real chemistry class, it's "Everyday Chemistry" in which we make cyanotype prints of leaves, play with food dye and soap in milk, and make paper in a blender. At some point we'll make a bouncy ball, which will provide countless minutes of entertainment as a break from doing any real work.

Another benefit of running errands (aside from mailing some things that desperately needed to go in the post) was new shoes! Something I haven't bought in quite a while; and since my Issac Mizrahi moccasins tragically died the other day, the purchase was a long time in coming.
Of course, the one thing I couldn't do was refill my prescription. This happened to prompt a discussion with my roomie about how annoying it is that teenagers have made it more time-consuming to buy Robatussin from behind the counter. (Thanks.) This then spiralled into my revelation about Utah's problem with Methamphetamines. Apparently, it's the last place you'd expect that kind of a drug problem to be so rampant. I have to admit, when I first got there the "End Meth Now" billboards were a little disconcerting.

On a related note...this is highly amusing...and was provided by the wholesome University of Utah.

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