About Me

My name is Bryony and I'm an American expat living in the south east of the UK with my two favourite guys in the world: The Husband (Sebastian) and Ethan (our son). I used to study history and worked at Jane Austen's House Museum for a while before becoming (for now) a stay-at-home-mum. I started this blog back in my senior year of university just for fun...and that's still how I run it! Because I don't have to fit a specific label of being a 'mommy blog' or a 'DIY blog' or a 'fashion blog', I write about all of those things! And a few other topics, besides. So what can you expect to find here?
  • Day-to-day life learning to be a mum 
  • Any DIY and decor projects that happen around our tiny flat
  • Swell books and movies that I want to share
  • Fun recipes I try out and my many adventures in the kitchen
  • Touristy trips to some of our favourite historic sites
  • The ins and outs of training for my first half marathon! (Eek!)
  • The occasional humorous rant
Oh! And in the spirit of my disjointed and rambling style, I'm going to confess that I've only just thought that this is a good place to explain my title. That said, it is pretty self-explanatory. My life over the past several years has been an honest-to-goodness series of beginnings: I began life in a new country, I began studying for my Master's (and then finished it!), I began my married life with the Husband, and then we began expanding our little family when Ethan came along. And now, I'm getting ready to begin my life as the mother of two wonderful little boys! No doubt, there are plenty more things I'm bound to begin in the coming years, so this title has felt pretty apt. I hope you enjoy all of our adventures, both big and small. Welcome to the blog!

Here goes nothing!

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