Monday, March 3, 2014

Vicarious Tourism: A Little Bit of London

In an effort to be more proactive and start doing things as opposed to just talking about doing them, the Husband and I took the boys out to London on Saturday.

It was a brilliant time. E has been absolutely obsessed with Big Ben for a while now, and so - in tribute to this deep and abiding fascination - our first stop after getting off the Tube was to come out and watch the clock chime the hour.
Our timing couldn't have been better, after snagging some free on-street parking thanks to a tip from our sister-in-law, we got to Westminster just in time to get situated on a nice bit of pavement so that E could revel in pointing and shouting about the Big Clock.
After the Big Clock, it was time to head over to Westminster Abbey for a quick look-around. We were fairly sure E wasn't going to stand for enough church-wandering to justify the £18-a-head price tag, so we just went into St Margaret's Church right next door and took a few pictures.
After letting him drop some change in the donation box - a must-do for him anywhere there's a chance to handle money - it was on to bigger and better things: The National Gallery.

The walk took us through St. James's Park and past Horse Guards. Then through the Admiralty Arch and into Trafalgar Square. This is one of the bits of London I know best. During my Master's programme, not only did a few of my classes take place in the National Portrait Gallery - which is also pretty cool - but a lot of this route is how I would walk home from class on nice days. Campus was just over on the Strand and I lived up past Marble central London was my neighbourhood.
The Gallery itself didn't go over terribly well. It was right around E's usual nap time, so he was getting a bit angsty after a brief sprint through the rooms with his dad. I, on the other hand, took the time to get Tristan out of his baby carrier and give him a quick feed. Talk about eating in style: grabbing a quick feed on a leather chaise surrounded by Renaissance paintings. Besides: in a Renaissance painting gallery, what's one more exposed nipple?

With one boy fed, it was time to feed the other, so we headed out of the Gallery on the heels of a tantrum to get some McDonald's. Faces sufficiently stuffed it was off to another well-loved part of London for us: South Kensington.

This is where we met; where the Husband went to school; where we had our first date; where we spent at least part of most weekends together. It's also where we took our engagement photos, which - frighteningly - is now a little over 4 years ago...

We took the boys to the latter of those two locations above - the Science Museum. It was a great time. We let E run around and play, gave Tristan another feed, and had fun enjoying the exhibits and the interactive play area. Seriously: London has some of the best museums I've visited.

After a long day in the city, it was time to head home. So, tired babies in the car, we waved goodbye to the Tube - literally. Ethan had to wave to every passing Tube on our walk back to the car - and headed back on the motorway to home and to bed. It was quite the adventure doing our first trip out with two little boys, but it was definitely worth it. Not sure where we'll go next, but with two family visits coming up in the next month or two, we certainly won't lack for opportunity!

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  1. Sounds like a wonderful day! I love all of the pictures - especially the ones of y'all's engagement!!! Glad you were able to play tourist and that you shared - I've never been to London.