Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finding the Good

If Twitter were a person, I'd shake its hand. It's a bit like my town crier: an informant on the goings-on of the outside world. In the age of social media, Twitter is my equivalent of sitting at the kitchen table of a morning with a hot mug of coffee, reading the daily newspaper. Considering I've only read an actual physical newspaper once in the past 6 months, that's sort of a big deal. And it came up in conversation recently.

In an entirely un-serious attempt to out-adult each other last night, my sister and I exchanged exclamations of our grown-up activities, tit for tat:

V: I have a savings account, and a line of credit. I'm going to a freaking RETIREMENT COUNSELING session on Thursday!‏ That's what I do with my days off.‏ I go to financial planning classes.‏

Me: I have two kids and can't sit cross-legged on the floor for as long any more!‏ I found a white hair knees get stiff. I'm no longer fighting acne, but using an under-eye moisturizer at night.‏ I enjoy Twitter because it helps me keep up with current events.

V: I'm getting a subscription to The Economist.‏ And I donate to public radio.‏

Me: I donate to children's hospitals.

V:  I'm taking up quilting.‏ I am OFFICIALLY our mother‏.

Me: ‎Shopping with coupons, sorting the laundry before throwing it in the machine, FOLDING the laundry when it comes out of the dryer.‏

V: I have a banker.‏ I have a banker that I call when I want to do things with my money.‏ get the idea. But here's the thing: that mention of Twitter was legitimate. Sure, I use it to make jokes about being a mum and to post that video of Benedict Cumberbatch on Sesame Street, but I follow people for the interesting news stories. Just take a gander at some of the specimens of human awesomeness I've found thanks to social media:

I do love the things I find to read online. Anyone else found something inspiring or thought-provoking to check out lately?

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