Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Good Ideas

I always feel gratified when I stumble across a good idea in this world of parenting two little boys. Lately, most of these good ideas come in the form of places to take them that involve lots of running around, time outside, and possibly other people to hand them off to.

Wednesday of last week involved a trip to Farnham for Tristan's hearing test. As Ethan had behaved like a champ the whole time - and since we were 5-minutes' drive away anyway - we made a trip to Farnham Castle. Two hours and lots of running around later, I packed my boys into the car to drive home and enjoy the world that opens up to you when you have all of your children asleep at the same time.

Friday, it was a 1-mile walk to the railway bridge to let E do a bit of trainspotting. About 30 minutes and 8 trains later, we made our way back home via his favourite playground (in other words: the one with a view of the train tracks). After a bit of play and over an hour of very slow walking, he slept like a dream. I'm discovering that these days where I let him run wild and expend a level of energy usually reserved for supernovas are the best days for us all. Sanity is maintained with a baby carrier and fresh air.

Saturday, we had some time out with the in-laws. E had been begging all week for us to take him to see Mimi & Papa, so after coordinating by text, we were able to deliver on the promise to see his grandparents. We went antiquing, fed some geese, and let him run around their house building trains and making Buzz Lightyear shout, "Iffinity aaaaaaaaaaaaabeyond!" It may or may not have been the cutest thing I've seen in a while. Tied for that honour, though, are Tristan's newfound smiles. I'd forgotten when this stage would come: where you as a parent grasp at each gassy grin like a 4-year-old at a Kit Kat.

And now it's time to continue in this new ability to maintain sanity by waking E up and changing T out of a chocolate-stained sleepsuit to go over to West Green House for a while. Running around in some National Trust gardens may not be a castle, but I think it'll go over pretty well. There's a pond and live chickens to harass: for a toddler that's good entertainment!

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