Monday, February 24, 2014

Mommy Mondays: transitional pieces

So as we keep moving on towards figuring out what our new normal is - and I start getting to the gym and going back to my normal - it's time to start building up my workable wardrobe again. There's not too much I need, but since "normal" is bound to be in flux for us for a while, it's nice to have things that work both now and later. Like tops that allow for breastfeeding, but aren't specifically maternity. Witness:

Sainsbury's has really been revamping their TU clothing line lately. I stopped in the other night after our date to grab some supplies and had to take a peek. Loads of lovely new tops and jeggings; jumpers and dresses. This chambray top has already proved brilliant for feeding Tristan, plus - while I'm still in transition back to my usual size - it's really forgiving of my mummy tummy.

It's nice to know I can be casual and baby-spit-up friendly and still look nice.
Speaking of looking nice, the Husband and I got a date night on Saturday. With the boys both in the care of their grandparents - at E's request...he badgered me all week to go see them - we got the chance to head out into Newbury town centre and have a nice dinner out. We apparently have a thing for Italian food. Our first date was at a place called Carluccio's; our last date before I went back to the States was at Ask; our first anniversary dinner was at Bella Italia...and now our first date since having two kids is back at Ask again. Seriously: it's becoming a trend. Of course, to really do it justice we ought to go to Italy itself. After all; it's not that far away!

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  1. You look awesome!
    And, hooray for a date night without the boys!