Friday, October 4, 2013

Our Favourite Reads: Sixth Edition

So we've had loads of books come and go through this house: some rubbish, some fairly forgettable, and some absolutely brilliant. It's time again to focus on that third category.
Cuckoo, by Fiona Robertson is a gem. E loved this one so much he learned to say 'cuckoo' so he could ask for this book by name. The illustrations are bold, bright, and perfectly cartoonish; with little hints of fun pattern worked in all over. It almost reminds me of Sarah & Duck in that way. Wondering whether this book delivers on story as well as illustrations? Well, little Cuckoo hatches and all is well, but when he discovers that no one can understand him, he goes off on a quest to learn how to communicate with the world around him. In the end, he discovers that sometimes, you just need to look a little harder to find someone who understands you just as you are.

Little Owl's Orange Scarf, by Tatyana Feeney is another brilliant bird-themed offering. (How we got a bunch of bird books this week, I don't know.) Using just two colours in the illustrations throughout the whole book, Feeney crafts a great story about a little owl who constantly tries to lose his long, itchy, orange scarf. In the end, he gets a chance to make a scarf of his own; just the way he likes it. E loves this book and knows about half of the words, so this really is one of the first books that we properly read together. It's pretty awesome seeing him identify words from their pictures and remembering where they belong in the story.

Speaking of stories, it's officially nap time in this house, so it's time for me to break out the books and read with my little dude before he settles down in his bed.

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  1. I miss those days of reading together before nap (and bed) time!!! Some of my very favorite memories from the baby/toddler/preschool days involve books!!!