Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Family Fun Day

The other weekend was the annual Family Fun Day at the Husband's office. As usual, it was brilliant: bumper cars, bouncy castles, bouncy slides, a petting zoo, a band, cheap tasty cookout-style food, and loads of freebies and fun displays. We thoroughly enjoyed it.

Being soft with the bunny
 E was great with the animals this year. Nothing small and furry walked away from my son with baby-induced PTSD! Or, in other words, we didn't have a repeat of the guinea pig incident. E is much better about being soft and gentle with other living things. He even got really excited when Daddy showed him how to feed straw to the baby goats and sheep. He would have hugged and fed fuzzy animals all day if there hadn't been the promise of dodgems (er, bumper cars) and kettle corn. Seriously: my son is the only kid I've seen to turn up his nose at candy floss, but he ate kettle corn that day like it was his job.

The dodgems were one of the most hilarious parts of the day. E got at least four separate rides in one in the course of a couple of hours. As long as the impacts weren't too violent, the whole thing was insanely entertaining to him. He grinned and giggled and pointed at the other cars. He'd even yell, 'fast! Fast!' if you got a long enough stretch without hitting another car. Even later that evening when we saw the rest of the family, he kept telling everyone about the cars.

Oh yes, and one of the Husband's coworkers made a giant Dalek. In his garage. And brought it to the fun day for a display...complete with microphone and voice box to make you sound just like a villainous extra from Doctor Who.

The whole thing was great: and I love having a kid old enough to appreciate a lot of the attractions now. Though, to be fair, he also had a lot of fun just running around in circles. Literally: in circles. For minutes at a time. This kid has the highest tolerance for being dizzy of anyone I've ever seen. He definitely doesn't get it from me. Of course, next year we'll have two little monsters to bring along. I can only imagine how much more fun it'll be to see both of them getting into all of the animals, rides, and games. And hopefully, our littlest monster won't repeat his brother's attack on a small rodent at the petting zoo...

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