Wednesday, October 9, 2013


Every year the leaves change colours, the temperatures get colder, and we go to a pick-your-own farm to hunt down pumpkins, mutant squash, and Christmas ornaments. This year, we brought my brother-in-law and his family along with us, so Ethan and Henry had a chance to hang out and run around together amongst the pumpkins. The whole day was loads of fun, and even ended with chili, cornbread, and tasty cinnamon-y baked goods.

Someone decided to eat an Oreo and pass out on the drive up to Esher.

Daddy and son having some cuddly giggly time.

Dinosaur kisses!

In between crazy cousin antics that involved lots of running, spinning, and shouting,
they were also willing to pose for pictures.

Family shot! (T-minus 3 months until a family of four!)

Someone was really keen on the wooden buses.

Fruits and vegetables in the farm shop.

Toddlers and Tiny Pumpkins.


  1. Fun!! Love the little boots! And you look great - not too much longer!

    1. Haha, E sees all those pictures and yells, 'Wellies! Wellies!' And thanks, Kim! I'm telling you: the next three months can't go fast enough! :)

  2. Sounds like you guys had a blast and you look so beautiful!!! Btw: dinosaur kisses - aww! Have a cozy afternoon, lovely.