Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Our Favourite Reads: Fourth Edition

There's always something fun about discovering new and interesting baby books, and over the next few weeks I have some gems to share.

I want to start with two books we picked up, courtesy of my mom, when we all went to London for a day to do some museum-hopping, Oxford Street-shopping, and sight-seeing. While we popped into the Tate Modern we had a great time. Mom and I giggled and whispered inappropriately through a movie we were convinced was meant to make you feel like you were on acid. We also came to the conclusion that when you need artifact text of more than a few sentences to explain what your modern art sculpture is about, you've done it wrong. If I can't get some idea of what you're on about just by looking at the sculpture itself, then you're just bad at communicating in this medium and you ought to consider something easier.

But some of our greatest fun was in hunting out souvenirs in the gift shop (cue angelic choirs. Museum of Everything reference, anyone?). We had a great time looking at all the prints, frames, postcards, books, mugs, aprons, and other odds and ends. But the children's books selection had some of the best offerings.

A Bit Lost by Chris Haughton is an adorable story about a baby owl who falls out of his nest and needs help to find his mummy again. Not to mention that the illustrations are bright, fun, and adorable. There's a lot of visual interest in this book, which makes even the simplest story fun to read to your kid over and over. Plus, I felt vindicated when I saw this book featured on Design Mom just a few weeks after we brought it home! (Only for whatever reason it has a different title in its US release! Cut it out, people!)

We all know that Oliver Jeffers is a big deal in this house, so it should come as no surprise that his The Heart and the Bottle was my other choice for something to bring home. It's a sweet story about learning to keep enjoying life, even after losing someone special. Jeffers writes and draws to a superb quality, so this book is fun to read even if you aren't trying to find a way to help your kid learn to grieve.

We've had some brilliant finds over the past few weeks at the library as well, so I'll definitely be getting around to posting those during the rest of the month. Happy reading!

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