Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A Day Out

 We had what was meant to be a lovely day out the other week with E's cousin Henry and my sister-in-law, Rachel. The sun was out, it was a lovely warm day, and we hit up a little park out by the River Thames for the afternoon once the boys got too rambunctious to be allowed to stay inside.

The boys enjoyed climbing up and down the equipment that was actually part of the playground as well as climbing on some of the outdoor exercise equipment. They loved the chance to run and jump and be as full of beans as they could be.

What E didn't like so much was being made to walk under his own steam. That, apparently, was too much to be borne. Especially because walking on his own meant having his bottle of juice taken away. We aren't quite at the walking whilst drinking stage yet. He would consent to walk about 20 yards at a time - crying all the while - then plant himself in front of me until I picked him up. Though this continued on the way back to the car, at least it all took a break when we got to the lock.

He loved getting to see the boats go through as the water level adjusted itself, though I think he felt something was missing from the experience since he wasn't allowed over the fence. It was a great chance to just wander and enjoy the sunshine...and to chase Henry's football while we were at it.

Though we're still working on not having to be carried everywhere, it was a good chance to get out and do something...but nothing really specific. I want to give him more chances to go out on walks, to wander and play and see new things, like boats going through locks, or areoplanes taxing on the runway, or giant bubble blowing machines and dinosaur skeletons in the Science Museum.

I think we'll have some fun adventures this summer!


  1. My youngest son preferred being carried ALL THE TIME!!! Thankfully, he finally out-grew it!
    Looks like y'all had a fun day (and nice weather!).

    1. So nice to remember it's only a phase! He's getting too big to be carried everywhere when we're out...I wonder if he doesn't get spoiled from all the time we have his buggy.

  2. Sounds like you two will have an amazing summer:) He is so adorable!!! When I was little I loved going to the park and watch clouds :)Kisses, sweetie

    1. Thanks, Diana! I like the idea of lying down in the grass just to watch clouds. With this one, though, we'd need some aeroplanes flying by to hold his interest! :)