Monday, May 6, 2013

Mommy Mondays: Free Swag

So the other week my loot from Shopbop came in the post. The gift card arrived, I eventually decided on what I wanted to order, and when it got to the house we all know I was too excited not to try it on straight away.

This striped top is super comfy. And I always love a reason to have another short-sleeved tee. I've gotten really into tops with a shirttail hem lately. I just appreciate the fact that I have a bit of extra coverage in the back when I need to bend over or squat to pick up E. Plus, the curve of the hem feels a lot more forgiving at a shorter length than most straight hems do...especially on looser-fitting shirts.

Those Gap jeans are a fun purchase as well. I'm the last person I thought would like or look good in mid-rise straight-leg jeans, but these things are stylish and super comfy. And, because they're so classic, I can dress them up to do a smart casual look, or I can dress them down into my usual mom uniform.

And now, I have a waking baby to console. We had a trip out to the Vyne today and someone got a little up close and personal with the 500-year-old gravel.


  1. I love the whole outfit. It looks super spring-ready and comfy! Happy Tuesday, darling.

    1. Thanks, Diana! It's finally nice here, and I wore it again yesterday with some fun coral boyfriend shorts. :) Such a great top. Have a lovely day!