Friday, May 3, 2013

A Place to Begin

We're off to my sister-in-law's place today to give E some time to hang out with his cousin, Henry. Plus, I needed something fun to do that gets me out of the house without spending extra money. (Extra money? What's that?) So, since I won't be around at the usual time to put up posts, we're knocking this one out early today to give you some fun things to look at over the weekend. It's a bank holiday weekend for us here in the UK, so we have quite a few fun activities planned to look forward to. Hope everyone else is doing something fun over the weekend!

Fake Townhouses Hiding Subways. I have to thank Nicole over at Making It Lovely for this one: she included it in her Honor Roll roundup that I read at the start of the week and I found it really interesting. Especially since I've seen one of those fake houses and never knew at the time that it was just a front for venting the Tube! The things you can learn on the internet...

Poppytalk Mothers' Day Lookbook. The cards gifts and clothes in this are soft and cute. I like the pastels, though you do need a pop of some more vibrant colour on Mothers' Day. I do love the Ash & Anchor scarf that they feature, and those Wind and Willow Home bowls are darling: I got a set for my mom last year!

VS knot front top. After my sister-in-law's post on hot or not maternity wear, I got sucked into the vortex of online clothes window-shopping. After pinning enough maternity clothing to raise suspicions, I remembered a cute maternity fashion website that featured a VS ruched dress, so off to the website I went. In addition to all the dresses and yoga pants I checked out, I really enjoyed the look of this top.

SUNDVIK children's chair, IKEA. I've been meaning to buy E a chair for ages now. Not that we have room to have a little table for it to sit at. And not that I have money to spend on a random chair, but still. Seeing him sit on the rolled-up carpet that still lives in our living room makes me want to give him a proper chair of his very own. And why not make it a cute one, like this?

Brevity signature necklaces. I'd totally wear a necklace with the Husband's signature. I think that'd be a really sweet keepsake. Or perhaps a favourite grandparent who's recently passed away, your kid as they first learn to write their name, or make matching sets with your BFF!

This wrapping paper by Hammerpress looks like so much fun. It reminds me a bit of a more vibrant version of the Esme Winter paper I'm in love with at the moment. A bunch of the blogs have been picking it up, so I'm excited to see this stuff in their online store come June.

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