Monday, April 15, 2013

Time for a Change of Title

Looks like I'm no longer The Girl Who Never Wins Anything. Thanks to and the lovely Diana over at exPress-O, I won a $50 gift certificate for
Of course now is the hear part: choosing what to walk away with! Here are a few things that have caught my eye...

Diane von Furstenburg...not even with the gift card...
The Madewell Lucky Charm Kerchief is awesomely cute.
Feel the Piece icon top...this screams 'me!'
The Splendid Shirting top. Maybe in red; maybe with a pencil skirt.
I may have too many slouchy tees now, but
I love the Nation LTD boulder Henley.
And, The Selby: because who doesn't want a  fun book with good pictures?
So the real question now is: what do I buy!? The top two choices make their way into my lovely pile of stuff. Decisions, decisions...

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