Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Getting Green

I really want to plant something. I'm a bit rubbish at keeping plants alive, but I do love the idea of having something green in the house. We do have a little tree from IKEA that we've kept alive for nearly 3 years, but everything else I've had in the house has died. Reading through Design*Sponge last week, though, inspired me again to try and get a bit more greenery in our house.

10 Window Gardening Tips, from Design*Sponge
I'd like to have window boxes, or wall planters...something to get a bit of green into every room. And my first plant of choice would be some lavender. I'm told it's relatively sturdy.

via, The Balcony Gardener
via, The Balcony Gardener
via, The Balcony Gardener
Or perhaps get a bit of wheatgrass and some flowers in a rectangular pot. In any event, I think another trip to B&Q will be in order once the weather continues to heat up. For now, though, I need to go get a little boy up and dressed for play group!

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