Monday, April 15, 2013

Mommy Mondays: Lacy Jumper

I know I included a polyvore set ages ago about how to style the lacy 3/4-sleeve jumpers that I saw at Sainsbury's and Next. As is no surprise, the minute I had a voucher to spend from Next in order to get E a collared shirt with a tie, I made up the difference in cost to achieve my discount by adding in that navy blue top that I wanted. I had to order online anyway and they were giving me a discount to do it, so that took away the only real barrier I had to buying the thing in the first place.

If I had nice tailored capri-length trousers, I'd definitely wear them with this top in the spring and pair it with my white peep-toe wedges from Monsoon. (Also known as The Shoes I Bought For My Wedding and Try To Get My Money's Worth Out Of By Wearing Whenever Humanly Possible.) As it is, it works well with either leggings or jeggings or jeans...and once the weather warms up I have a nice pair of light grey slacks that would set it off to perfection.

The one thing I will say for this top is that I haven't yet found a great jacket or jumper to layer over it in my wardrobe. Some of my oversized shrugs and cardigans just layer too much chunky pattern, and my lone jacket is quite body skimming, and so the straighter, looser cut of the jumper doesn't sit best under something so close. When I come up with a good way to get some other layering going on with this top, I'll definitely share.

As far as baby-friendly pieces go, this is okay. Since you probably won't be wearing thin, tangly jewellery with babies, there isn't much worry about accessories getting caught in the lace and snagging threads. And as a washable piece, there's no need to really worry about any breastmilk leakage, spitup, wee, or food spillage. Plus: the lace pattern should help mask mysterious stains and damp spots until you can get your clothes in the wash.

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