Friday, April 12, 2013

A Place to Begin

Looking for a few more interesting things to have a look at on the internet? No worries, here are a few bits and bobs that have sparked my interest over the week:

I'm intrigued by all the arrangements by Studio Choo flowers. Sort of makes me wish that all those hours arranging the fake flowers in craft stores as a kid had translated to a career... (via Design*Sponge)

Farrahsit porcelin hanging planters- (via Design*Sponge) The whole shape and aesthetic of these is gorgeous. I just love how simple and clean they feel.

Mika's French-language single Elle Me Dit. I found this one via a post over at Design Mom. It's just fun. (And don't you just know I already have this song in my running playlist?)

This Craftyblossom quilt has given me serious ideas about my next DIY project for the house...

Just because it cracked me up: a Neil deGrasse Tyson paper doll. When you're this much of a boss, why shouldn't you be a paper doll?

The gold-on-near-white wallpaper, Petal Pusher, by Joy D. Cho of Oh Joy! is possibly my favourite pattern available from Hygge & West. Though this one by Julia Rothman comes a very close second.
via, Design Mom 'Living With Kids'
So this Bee's Wrap stuff looks like it could be fun and useful. And it could save the cling wrap I use keeping E's half apples and half bananas fresh in the fridge. Come to that, it could keep my sandwiches fresh after the Husband makes them in the morning.

After helping my mother-in-law sort through her closet, I had to take a look at Toast, where she got a particularly cute sweater dress. This Judy shirt dress caught my eye.

I love the idea of making some of this candy bark (A Beautiful Mess). Or maybe Emma and Elsie's recipe for strawberry angel food ice cream. So many tasty foods, so little time.

These Esme Winter cards are actually a lovely find from real life. When picking up my mother's early Mothers' Day prezzies at Cashmere Goose in Hartley Wintney, I stumbled on these gorgeous patterned cards. I snagged the salmon-coloured one for my mother-in-law, but now I want to go back and get them all. (And possibly not give them to anyone, but frame them and hang them in my room!)

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