Monday, April 29, 2013

Stylish Little Men: Andy & Evan

I managed to find this brand thanks to some mindless Pinterest stalking one morning. Oh and I may have jumped the gun in the Modern Family Screen Style post by saying that Andy & Evan had already shown up in my Stylish Little Men series. Oops. Every now and then I forget which posts I have scheduled for which weeks. Anyway: now you don't have to feel like you've missed any of the preppy goodness of the Andy & Evan brand, because now I actually have a post detailing my favourite parts of their current, child-sized, frat-tastic collection.

Prices: expensive, so look to these as one-off presents. Their mission statement does talk about their desire to make things that are good quality, so again it may be a matter of getting one or two can't-live-without-it pieces that won't wear out, even as hand-me-downs.

Polka dot bow tie ($21) Even though with the polka dots this isn't as versatile as it could be, it's absolutely adorable. With a nice gingham or plain shirt this would look great.

Boys' Monte Carlo Multi-Coloured Fedora ($31) This made its appearance as the Manny Delgado-inspired piece in my Modern Family Screen Style collection. I'd love to have a hat like this for E, though after having him try one on in the store the other day, I don't think I could convince him to keep it on. It makes for some classy summertime shade, though!

Boys' Edmund Oxford Shorts ($40) The buttoned cuff gives these some great detail and structure, and the hook clasp is nice and easy to get off when you need to make an emergency nappy change or toilet trip. Plus, again, it can be dressed up for church, family reunions, or outdoor weddings, or can just be paired with a nice polo or t-shirt for going around town.

Baby Pique Romper ($36) I adore rompers like this. E has a few from the Gap that are similar. What's nice is that if anything spills, yes you're taking off the whole outfit, but you can just bring along another romper suit and you don't have to worry about having a mismatched, undersized t-shirt with nice trousers, or vice versa, if your little boy spills or wets through anything he has on.

Baby Toggle Parka ($82) The one thing E's wardrobe is missing at the moment (besides shorts and a long-sleeved polo) is a non-puffy coat. Yes, we're getting into the full swing of spring, so he doesn't really need a heavy-duty coat, but for days when you want to keep warm, or just keep the wind and rain off, and you don't need your kid to look like the Stay Puff marshmallow man, this is a cute and classic option.

Baby Lord of the Gings Shirtzies ($48) First of all: kudos for the nerd reference. Second of all, I love the contrasted cuffs against the green and white gingham. It really brings home the prep aesthetic. Plus, when you still have a littler dude, the onesie will keep everything tucked in.

Baby Nautical Zip-Up ($52) Stripes and elbow patches? It's all too much cute! Plus, zippered hoodies are an easy way to get some good layering on cooler or windier days.

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