Monday, April 29, 2013

Mommy Mondays: Comfy and Stretchy

Some days I don't want to put much effort in at all. I'm more interested in being comfy than trying to look cute. That said, the two things aren't mutually exclusive. I just try to collect comfortable stretchy pieces that still look nice.

I have to say that I love this outfit. And I admit that I'm looking forward to being able to wear it through the first half of my next pregnancy. (That's not an announcement!) The stretchy cami from H&M is great, and the floaty top from Sainsbury's is perfect for layering in warmer weather. And nicely, because it's a thinner fabric, the flowy cut doesn't add any bulk around the middle.

The leggings are comfy, and the whole thing can be dressed up with different shoes or jewellery depending on where we're headed for the day. To be honest, though, I'm rarely headed anywhere that isn't a playdate or baby group or grocery shopping. So not much 'dressing up' gets done to this outfit. What I would like to add to it, though? Maybe some Chewbeads or dangly earrings or some fun bangles.
via, Chewbeads

via, Saks Fifth Avenue
via, Cusp by Neiman Marcus


  1. Your pictures are always cute - even in comfy leggings!!
    I rarely have on anything except workout clothes these days - I should change that!!!

    1. Aw, thanks Kim! I have to admit...I've been living in this outfit for days now. I really need to get out so I have an excuse to make myself wear something different. I feel like such a bum!