Friday, April 26, 2013

Screen Style: Modern Family

I've been watching a bunch of re-runs of Modern Family on Netflix lately over lunch. Seriously, I love that show. And so when I was casting my mind about for ideas for the next Screen Style post, this was definitely at the forefront of my mind.

The Husband and I have watched this together for ages, ever since we were introduced to it by our friend Katherine. It's become a staple of our TV watching roster and so on nights where we need to keep dinner brief to get E to bed, if we're not watching The Office, we're usually watching Modern Family.

-Gloria dress
Though it's not always occasion-appropriate, Gloria's dresses do look fabulous. I'd definitely love more occasions to dress up like that.

-Cameron's button-downs (in men's and women's options)
Cameron's button-down shirts are so much fun. They're bright and colourful, and full of patterns. The two men's options come from JCrew and Boden; the women's options are the Kingston and Maywell shirts from Joules. If you want to be a curvy, spicy diva like Cameron, this is a good place to start.

-DVD boxset
I absolutely recommend the box set or buying the episodes on iTunes for this one. That way you don't have to miss any of the BB gun-shooting, hot tub-crashing, Spiderman costume-wearing, front lawn-serinading action!

- The blue paint from Phil & Claire's entryway
I went looking on the Benjamin Moore website to try and find a colour that approximated the shade of blue in Phil & Claire Dunphy's stairway. Surprisingly, when I Googled Benjamin Moore's Colonial Blue paint, a picture of the set of Phil & Claire's place from Modern Family did show up as one of the search results. Looks like I was pretty spot-on! And this slightly chalky, almost powder blue is a fun colour in its own right. Actually, I've been thinking of painting the living room...

-Kitchy animal decor
Useful, cute, and animal-themed, this happens to have one leg up on Barkley the butler dog. I know I could use a good place to keep important or urgent reminders for the family.

-Woven hat
Andy & Evan made their first appearance on the blog in the Stylish Little Men series. Their tagline is 'for little gentlemen' and that feels so appropriate since this piece was included to get a bit of the Manny Delgado look.

- Staircase carpet runner
Pottery Barn's Enzo Medallion Dhurrie Rug comes in a 2.5'×9' version that could make a great runner on stairs or in an entryway.  If it goes on the stairs, you could get enough traction to avoid even that one slippery tread on Phil & Claire's staircase!

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  1. I love Modern Family - one of those laugh out loud shows for sure!!! We watch the Office, too!