Monday, April 8, 2013

Mommy Mondays: Sequined Mini

I snagged this mini skirt on sale at New Look a while back. I've recently dedicated myself to improving my wardrobe. That doesn't necessarily mean buying new things - especially as a young family on a budget - though there has been a little purchasing. Emphasis on the little.

As much as I love good quality items, I'm a bit of a cheapskate. Though I will wait and save for really nice things when they're expensive, I also love hunting down a good bargain. I grabbed this skirt because it was only £5. I already love pairing it with my black leggings and whatever jumper or slouchy top I feel like wearing for the day. It's just nice to add a bit of punch to my everyday outfit in the form of a little sparkle. And the vague rose champagne colour of the sequins goes so well with lots of my tops.

On a more practical note, the sequin mini is a fun way to provide what might be some much needed cover if you want to wear leggings out of the house. There's not much that's more ignominious than wearing leggings that stretch so much that you manage to display every detail of your knickers to the other mums at baby group. True story. #notwhatiwanttosee Seriously: if you don't have securely opaque leggings, denim shorts, long tunic tops, dresses, or mini skirts are a good way to make sure you aren't flashing your pants.

Babyfriendly? Totes. I manage to run around after a hyperactive toddler perfectly well in this thing. Plus, he enjoys the shiny sequins. Every now and then this means that he picks at them in interest, but never in a way that would actually damage the skirt. This is the sort of item that makes you reconsider just how much of a normal wardrobe can be baby friendly.

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