Monday, April 8, 2013

Stylish Little Men: Jojo Maman Bebe

This is another brand with which I'm actually somewhat familiar. E does have a few pieces from this store...all stuff he's been bought by my mother-in-law. I love the weight of the fabric in the shirts: it isn't flimsy, but it's also not so thick that it'll go cardboard stiff after a few months of washing. When you get hand-me-downs, you do start to notice things like that, and some of the thicker boys' t-shirts do go really stiff and lose their stretch after they've been washed and worn for a while.

The price? Again, it seems to be middle-of-the-range. Not as cheap as Next or H&M, but not overpriced for the quality you're getting. The collection is cute, but compared to others I've seen, it doesn't stand out very much. The applique shirts feel a bit generic, but so long as you only had one in a kid's wardrobe, it wouldn't lose its 'cute' value too much. All that said, Jojo Maman Bebe seems to be a great place to go for nice, solid (Well, striped), timeless staples that are good quality. And the fit tends to run true: E's tops and jumper have just enough room in the torso, but run slightly long in the arms, which give him time to grow into them. And let's face it: that's what you want at this age, because you'll actually manage to get a decent amount of wear out of clothes if there's just enough room for your kid to grow into them a bit more. Let's take a look at some pieces from JMB's current collection:

Navy Elephant Pull-On Shirt
This is absolutely adorable. I love the print and it would make a nice addition to a plainer wardrobe. It's actually one of the pieces in their collection with more presence...and without the usual Breton stripe.

Navy Check Shorts
In anticipation of the warmer weather, I'd love to have something like this for Ethan. It's nice to have some fun bits of pattern in a wardrobe.

Wellie Boot Socks
Having tall thick socks to go with wellies is always useful. Especially on days when you're letting the kids run around in the cold mud and puddles. A pair of socks like this wouldn't have gone amiss on the day we took the kids to the petting farm.

Children's Wellies
I love the bright yellow colour of these. They're simple and timeless. I remember having a pair of bright yellow wellies myself as a kid, so there's a huge degree of nostalgia factor going on with these. Plus, for the messier outdoor excursions, wellies are always handy. For a family like ours with lots of countryside walks, playground time, and in an area with lots of rain, you sort of need wellies in everyone's wardrobe.

Jersey Baby Pull-Ups
These look adorable. Sure, we're doing the Breton stripe thing again, but these trousers could transition nicely from play to sleep. On days when you're out late, trousers like these could come in handy, especially if you have a little boy who doesn't sleep through getting undressed like E does!

Fisherman's Raincoat
Kid's raincoats are so cute. And again, it's nice to have simple staples for a wardrobe. Most of the time that we're out, E is in his buggy, so he doesn't need a raincoat, but every now and then when it's more convenient to walk, it would come in handy.

Knitted Breton Baby All-in-One
For a younger boy, this would be really adorable. The buttons on the front would make taking it on and off nice and simple, and odds are that it's warm, comfortable, and washable.

Brilliant Long Johns
Having bought two pairs of girls' tights for E, I don't need long johns for the cold weather. That said, they'd be nice if you haven't gone that route. Especially if you need to have thicker socks on with - say - wellies. Either way, they'd make a useful addition for the cold weather.

Fisherman's Jumper
I know I didn't manage to fit this into the round-up, but I still had to share. E just got this from his grandmother just this past weekend. It's absolutely brilliant...and so cute. It's quite nice to be able to layer on top of a good long-sleeved tee for days out at the playground. On decent early spring days like we had on Saturday, having a jumper like this is great.

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