Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Stylish Little Men: The Little White Company

I recently discovered that the set of pyjamas I found in E's room is from a place called The White Company, London. After some quick Google searching, I found their site, and the division devoted to kids' clothing: The Little White Company.

His set is a nice long-sleeved tee and stretchy trouser set (with elasticated ankles) that has tiny sailboats all over. Because I loved the look of that set on him so much - after all, I did take a whole photo shoot with him in those jammies - I decided that looking for the company they came from was a good lead to follow for the series.

It's not the most expensive place that I've seen, piece-for-piece, but it's still on the pricer side of middle-range children's clothing. That said: the pyjama set we have is from a bigger set of hand-me-downs, so the stuff definitely lasts well and you're getting quality for your money. If you still can't bring yourself to pay that much for children's clothing, only go in for the occasional item, or ask for things as gifts if there's a chance to do that without being too cheeky.

1) I do love horizontal stripes. I know they're cropping up everywhere and so are almost indecently ubiquitous this season, but done well, they're pretty timeless. Chinos are also always a good look if you want a trouser that you can easily dress up or dress down. And odds on, most places will make them decently washable if they're in a kids' department.

2) I should have picked the back view because this raglan jumper has adorable elbow patches. I also like the invisible pocket. The Little White Company seems to have quite the fetish for Henley and crew necklines...it doesn't look bad!

3) The striped long-sleeve tee is super cute. If you want to layer it under a simple sweater vest, a nice button-up cardigan, or even a tee-shirt, it would work perfectly in all of those situations...as well as looking great on its own!

4) A pocket on the sleeve is useless, but a cute touch. The side buttons on the neckline make taking the jumper on and off much easier; especially again when your baby doesn't have great neck control yet. Plus, I have a soft spot in my heart for cable knit. Mmm...cuddly.

5) Two-piece baby pyjamas! And look: here comes the Henley neck again. The whales are cute, but relatively understated. It's nice to straddle the line between being too loud and too cutesy in kids' clothes.

6) Another Henley jumper with elbow patches...and this one looks thin enough to wear on its own (it's a cotton & linen blend), or over just a onesie, or even over a short-sleeved collared shirt or polo in the spring or autumn.

So the colours here are pretty muted - sort of like with Sergent Major - but they're great, subtly stylish takes on good wardrobe staples for little boys. Plus: sure you may drop some stacks at the outset, but if you can find sales or hunt pieces down in thrift stores or get something as a gift, then it may take out the sting. And remember: if you're planning on having more than one kid, these things do last a long time...and individual pieces could be integrated into a little girl's wardrobe, too! (I smell another post series coming on if we have a girl down the line...)

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