Tuesday, March 26, 2013

A Very Sarah & Duck Sideboard

At some point I will wax eloquent about how much I love the new episodes of this show (I've been known to walk around the house singing, 'Tennis, tennis, tennis'...), but for now I have to confess that I've watched this cartoon enough to start pulling design inspiration from it for the house. Not only is that the mark of a well-designed cartoon, it's the mark of letting your toddler indulge his tolerance for repetition way too much! The Husband now laughs at me when I can quote along with various episodes. (Cough, cough - Cake Bake!)

In some ways I love the idea of mirrored furniture, and in others, not so much. I don't dislike Art Deco, but it doesn't feel as 'me' as some other styles. So when I see completely mirrored bedside tables and things, I just think that a little wood would warm them up nicely.

Cue Sarah & Duck's living room! Right behind that fun teal wingback chair there's a thin tall sideboard (or chest of drawers) holding a cute little pot and a globe.

via, Sarah & Duck on Facebook
If this NYVOLL chest of drawers from IKEA had mirrored drawers with round pulls, it would match the drawers/sideboard in Sarah & Duck's living room. If you're more keen on the mirrors than the simple lines, the Laura Ashley Charlston and the Uttermost are other options. Personally, I'd love this 1938 Italian find from Christie's...just in a deeper stain.

However, for the sake of accuracy, you could go with the NYVOLL and follow the instructions on this DIY mirrored dresser tutorial. Yes, it would cost to get either acryllic or glass mirror cut to size with holes, but what a fun project that would be, huh?

Oh, and to go the whole hog and try to snag something like the little ceramic pot and the globe, try these:

Replogle Globes: Livingston
Alas, the globe doesn't have a nice tiny moon and sun orbiting it on the mounting.

White Ceramic Jar, from JD Wolfe Pottery

Seriously...I wish I had room to put a chest of drawers in the nursery. I'd make it look just like this, just with a changing table on top. I may have to consider Craigslisting one of those Billy bookcases now...

Anyone else ready to get their DIY on?

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