Monday, March 25, 2013

Mommy Mondays: Put On A Little Make-Up

Today's Mommy Monday is all about make-up instead of clothes. Though, rest assured, more clothing posts are on the way.

On Saturday I went into London with my boys and my mom to do a bit of sightseeing and shopping. When we took a peek inside Selfridges, Mom and I made a stop at the Bobbi Brown counter. It's always nice to be treated! I already have a Bobbi Brown foundation and a blush, but I've been realising lately that a corrector stick would be a good investment.

So I sat down in the chair and about half an hour later I walked out with a bag full of goodies. After some lengthy discussion with the girl helping me test all the products I was interested in, this is what I walked away with:

The largest bottle is absolutely my favourite, and it's not even make-up: it's make-up remover. The Soothing Cleansing Oil is fantastic. It goes on feeling like oil, but very light. Trust me, this is in no way like rubbing canola oil all over your face. You pat your hands with warm water and work it all over your face: this is when the oil becomes like milk. It changes to a creamy white colour and any oily texture is gone. And this stuff takes off all your make-up. Anything short of waterproof mascara is GONE. And at the end, once you rinse clean, your face doesn't feel dry and tight and itchy like with some other cleansers. And it doesn't feel greasy, like if you forget to get off all the cold cream. Nope: your face just feels soft and clean. I love this stuff; I can't overstate that. Seriously; I'll be wearing my make-up more often just so I can take it off with this Soothing Cleansing Oil. Way to go, Bobbie Brown.
via, Bobbi

Next to that is my new corrector stick. Whether you blot it on with your fingers, or spread it around with a foundation brush, this stuff only works its magic if you match up the shade correctly. This is one of the reasons that it can help to buy more expensive make-up sometimes: if you have a good moisturizer and the right colour foundation or concealer stick (which helps if you can try it on in good light) you can avoid that cakey mask-like look that a lot of women seem to get. This stuff works a treat on all the old dark spots from zits and the occasional under-eye rings. I've already noticed a difference in the evenness of the cover that my make-up provides.

The large bottle at the back is the Extra Eye Repair Creme. This stuff is awesome. It's nice a thick, so a little dab will do. Even hours later, the skin under my eyes feels moisturized, but not greasy. It also helps provide a nice base for the concealer stick to go on.
via, Bobbi

The tiny bottle in front is a sample size of the Vitamin Enriched Face Base. Again, this stuff feels lovely. I especially use it around my chin and nose...which for some reason has gone ridiculously dry as I inch closer to being 30 years old than 20. Again, I can see the difference when I put on my make-up after this stuff. If I'm not all flaky and dry, you can't tell that I'm wearing foundation or concealer. I just look like I actually have really nice skin.
via, Bobbi
The last thing I decided to pick up was a lip liner in red. I love the red lipstick I got a Sephora back in May of last year, but every now and then it tends to bleed a bit, so I asked the girl at the Bobbi Brown counter whether she thought a lip liner was the best way to help. Basically, it was. But there were also the tricks of brushing on a tiny bit of foundation first, and doing light layers of lip colour: apply and blot, apply and blot.

I have to say that even just over the past 2 days, I've already decided that I love these products. As inexpert as I am at applying make-up like a grown woman, it makes the whole process feel easier and more fun. Now if only I knew how to do a proper smokey eye, we'd be all set...

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