Friday, February 1, 2013


With Valentine's Day coming up, now is one of two times. The time to craft a cute 'hello' for someone you love, or the time to revel in bitterness and a solo tub of ice cream. Personally, I'm choosing the former...though I wouldn't say no to my own tub of cookie dough ice cream. As another option, it could be the time to live it up with some good friends, maybe sing "Single Ladies", and possibly also indulge in some ice cream. Are we sensing a theme here?

Anyhow, I've rounded up a few of the cuter Valentine's card ideas I've found on the Interwebs in case anyone is feeling particularly crafty. I'm not usually huge on this holiday by any means, but it's the sort of excuse I like to have a cute breakfast or sneak a romantic note into the Husband's bag for work. So if you're into a moderate amount of hearts and flowers, here are some fun ways to work them into the day for someone lovely.

Brit + Co's pixel weave wrapping could be done into an initial, or hearts, or just using some white, pink, and red papers.

You Are My Fave has an adorable accordion Thank You note that could easily be repurposed for birthdays or anniversary's or Valentine's.

This I Love You note from Lemon Drop Papers on Etsy comes with cute personalized messages inside. With some scraps of cute paper and a bit of double-sided tape, you could knock together one of these yourself.

These geometric heart boxes from Kate at look really fun. You could stash a short letter, jewellery, or candy inside if you wanted. Or just set them out on a table as place cards.

I don't remember which of my blogs linked to this, but the source, again, is Kate at Minieco. The geometric heart pop-up card has a lot of 8-bit nerd appeal. Anyone else feel a need to go play some Super Mario Brothers or Tetris now?

Happy card-making!

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