Saturday, February 2, 2013

5 by the 5th: February Run

So this is (technically) my second month of the 5 by the 5th challenge. I say 'technically' because I only counted that 10-miler the Husband and I did New Year's Day after the fact.

This was a good run: after a somewhat underwhelming week as far as half marathon training is concerned (it was a hectic week as far as the whole rest of my life was concerned) it felt great to get out and away for 46 minutes and just pound some pavement. And - unusually for me - I did it all without my iPod. I do like to have my tunes when I run, but it did feel nice to unplug. I got to do a bit more dedicated musing than I might with the constant prospect of being interrupted mid-thought by the need to air-drum or air-guitar along with a good song. Oh yeah: I totally run like that. So there's your embarrassing confession for this post: sometimes, when I run, I'm the crazy lady air-drumming to One Direction as I lope down the sidewalks. (Or air-guitaring to The Eagles, though that happens less often than the One Direction song...)

So those are my splits. Aren't they pretty? I still feel like such a novice runner that I'm constantly impressed when I see how relatively consistent my pacing looks as I review my runs. Not to mention that I keep getting that little glow of pride when I tell the husband what RunKeeper said my average pace was. When I hear my phone telling me that number at the end of a run, I'm always marginally surprised: I keep assuming that I'm slower than my stats actually show. Hey! At least it means I'm improving.

Speaking of improving, I have a goal. Just the other day I got inspired to find out if there are any local running groups and managed to source the Hart Road Runners. They look fun and have what appears to be a pretty regular and welcoming schedule. My plan is to make it out to one of their group runs before the month of February is entirely over. I know the Husband and I run together some nights in the week, but it'll be nice to run with another set of people, possibly make some new friends, and most importantly: be able to run with another grown-up without needing the jogger! I love E, but he really does have to be in the mood for a run with no screaming lately.

Anybody else channeling their inner Atalanta lately? (Well, only in the footracing sense...not so much in the virgin priestess of Artemis sense.) Oh, and if you, too, want to join in the motivating fun of the 5 by the 5th virtual races, all the pertinent deets are over on the blog Mommy Run Fast. I highly recommend checking it out.


  1. Running is a great way to express yourself - I have to be careful or I catch myself singing along to my music (and I'm not a good singer even when I'm not running!!).
    Your little one is a total cutie but I was the same way about running alone when my boys were little. It was the one thing I did on my on! That's why I turned into quite the treadmill fan (my husband travels a lot!).
    Good luck training for the half!

  2. Thanks! It's always nice that other moms who run get that sometimes that's the only time you have by yourself to think! Cheers for the good luck wishes; hope all goes well getting ready for the 50-mile ultra. That sounds like a beast of a run!

  3. Great job, Bryony! I'm like you- run without music, too. And I definitely understand the need to run without the stroller! Sounds fun!

  4. Thanks, Laura: having the virtual race as extra motivation to keep up with my training if I slack off has been great. Any plans to do something similar in the second half of the year?

  5. Hmm, I hadn't thought about extending it... but that could be fun!
    Also, can you enter your results in the spreadsheet here: I'm getting ready to draw winners and I knew you had done yours, as I already saw your post. :) Are you on the email list about it?

    1. I am on the email list. And thanks for the link: I did pop my results for February in the other day, but it was nice of you to check!
      Maybe something fun to to at some point would be a sort of Instagram scavenger hunt with a different item to snap a photo of on each run.

    2. That's a great idea! I'll have to do some brainstorming... :)