Monday, February 4, 2013

Mommy Mondays

So this is a slightly different Mommy Mondays post. For once, I'm not blogging about an outfit I already have, but one I aspire to have. The main piece in this outfit is a 3/4 sleeve navy blue lace top. Wide in the neck, loose in the torso, and with an elasticated waist and cuffs.

As you can see in the picture, I managed to find two versions of this top - ironically basically the same and for the same price. So, not only can you find cute and affordable clothes at the supermarket (a la Sainsbury's or Target), but sometimes the "cheap" supermarket option isn't far and away the best choice. Though, in this case, I did slightly prefer the swirlier pattern of the top from Sainsbury's over the Fair Isle-like geometrics of the Next version.

Now one thing I will address: this top makes me look fat in a straight-on photo. In real life, you can see better how it drapes away from my body, but it's still something to consider. Honestly, I'd only wear this with silhouette-skimming bottoms, just to avoid looking like the Stay-Puff Marshmallow man came out in navy lace. So: probably not the best cut for anyone trying to dress slimmer or without a really defined waist. However, the middle option I sourced in the Polyvore collection below would be a suitable solution to that problem. Since the waist of the top remains loose and skimming, there's no billowing or blousy effect to add the appearance of extra weight.

If you need a cap sleeve to layer underneath, you will have to find quite a loose and wide neckline to match the top.
If you don't already have one, a tank top or camisole that conceals your bra straps is an essential.
The looser silhouette does make you look a bit lumpy and shapeless if you aren't careful.

The colour and pattern are gorgeous.
You could pair it with a breastfeeding tank top underneath if you still have a kid who nurses.
The tops are comfy and make for breathable layering in the warmer weather.
They're versatile enough to dress up or dress down.

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