Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Looking at My Front Door

...And now I have Creedence Clearwater Revival stuck in my head.

After the shelving project we finished the other day (yes, I'm still loading up those shelves and getting organised) I started to think about all the other projects I want to do, or wish I could do. I make that distinction because with projects I want to do, there's a serious possibility I could make them work in our current place. With projects I wish I could do...they'll have to wait until we've moved into a bigger place, a place that we own, a place that isn't a flat.

What I really think of is having a nice front door. When I walk through town with E to run errands, or go on runs through the neighbourhood, I see all sorts of well-appointed front doors. Nice colours, fun windows, stylish house numbers that you can actually read from the street. (Yes, that's a pet peeve of mine.) I already have a plan to have a fun, brightly-coloured front door the minute we have a house of our own. I even have a list of colours I'll let the Husband and our kids vote on.

Here are some of the best pictures for front door inspiration I've seen floating round the interwebs...

via, Design*Sponge
via, Design Mom
via, Gallop Lifestyle
via, Yellow Door Paperie, at Tumblr
via, BHG.com
If only I could change the tiny number on our front door and paint it a bright teal or yellow...le sigh. Not that I need to spend any more money right now, but that door would make me ridiculously happy every time I saw it. I still get a kick out of that Valspar Number 10 that's on the walls of our entranceway. Though I do cringe at the chips made in it by bike pedals, or the grubby patch where the handlebars rub the wall. Ah well; until we find better storage for the bike, it'll have to do. Perhaps that should be my next project...

via, Apartment Therapy
via, Apartment Therapy

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