Monday, February 18, 2013

Stylish Little Men: H&M

First let me say: the most expensive thing in this line-up of the H&M 4mo-2yr Boys collection costs £9.99. For serious, people. If you want cute, child-friendly clothing that's most definitely not going to break the bank, H&M is where it's at. They're stylish, colourful pieces that aren't too grown-up, but aren't overly childish, so you don't feel like your kid is a cartoon character or an Easter egg. And this stuff not only tends to wear well, but the sizing is generous, too! E has a gorgeous collared Fair Isle jumper my mom bought him at H&M that he still wears. Y'all: he's nearly 16 months old and that jumper says it's 2-4 months on the tag. You will get more than your money's worth from H&M baby clothes.

(Side note: their maternity section is pretty baller, too! Everyone has different preferences, so take it for what it's worth, but my only pair of maternity jeans came from H&M and I loved them to death. Literally. I wore them basically every day: even through The Fourth Trimester until I wore holes in the thighs. RIP, H&M maternity jeans. They were comfy & durable, and didn't make me feel like a beached whale. Winning all around)

1) I know I'm showing my preppy colours here, but these Madras shorts and the mint greem polo are too adorable for words. With some Vineyard Vines flip flops, this is basically the uniform of every fraternity brother I went to school with.

2) With a plain onesie or t-shirt underneath, this diamond-pattern jumper works as a nice neutral to let the red trousers do their thing. And again: the colours are bright enough that it's obviously children's clothing, but not in a cutesy way.

3) If your baby (or whichever baby you're buying for) is anything like E, he won't keep most hats on for love or money. But this beanie is a sweet and simple way to keep that giant baby head all warm in the cold weather.

4) For teething, or if you just have a drooler on your hands, these necktie bibs are great. They have fun patterns to go with the rest of whatever outfits you put together. And if you ever decided to dress your little dude up as a cowboy, that star-spangled bib would make a great costume prop!

5) I LOVE this puffy jacket. It reminds me of something Will Smith might have worn in his Fresh Prince of Bel-Air days...but in the best possible way. Again: you can get away with the 90s-tastic colours because it's for a baby! The awkward retro doesn't have to be so ironic if you mitigate it with some more toned-down pieces.

6) Simple. Cute. Child-friendly. This onesie ticks all the boxes for me. It's a nice way to get fancy with a staple item of clothing. Though personally, I'd use it to keep teaching E that crocodiles make a Tick-Tock in Peter Pan!

7) Yeah, this board was getting crowded, but I couldn't pass up the chambray shirt. If you paired this with the right trousers, I could see a mother-and-son coordinating set coming on. Don't let's get too matchy-matchy - you don't want to turn into Ronald and Nancy Reagan in tracksuits - but with the right khaki trousers, this shirt would be too damn cute.

So, H&M: a definite must-stop shop if you want cute & comfy clothes for your little guy that A) aren't hyper expensive, and B) will last him a good long time. And as quickly as he'll grow; that's no small consideration.

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  1. I want a little baby boy! Swoon. Btw: H&M is awesome. I love their kiddo stuff. Happy Monday, lovely.