Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Run to Race Day: Week One

Well, my first week of earnest training for the half marathon next month was both good and meh. I didn't manage to run every day, but I did get in five decent runs over four days. Here's what things have been looking like:

Last Wednesday's run was a good one. The Husband came home from work for an extended lunch break, and I got in 6 miles through the nice wooded paths and back. I even got to do a few speed intervals to try and improve my overall pacing...especially when I'm tired.

Thursday was Valentine's Day, and that run was courtesy of our lovely friends Tom and Kerri. After taking the kids out to see some baby animals, I dropped everyone else off and got myself on a quick 2-miler around the neighbourhood before taking Tom & Kerri out for the evening and watching the kids.
Saturday involved getting around to running the better part of 10 miles with the Husband. It was coming up on E's nap time and so, after sitting quietly in his jogger for the first half of our run, we let him nap his way through the second 5 miles. We just repeated and reversed a 5-mile loop through the northern end of town for this run. It worked pretty well, actually. And with a strategic break at the house to grab a water and energy gel, it was the easiest this distance has felt.

Kerri likes to swim and I like to run. So while we're not going to be working out together any time soon, we realised that we can help each other to get more exercise during the week when the dads are at work. Yesterday, I dropped E off and went for a 4-mile run, then came back to watch the kids while Kerri got in a a swim. Thanks to altered lane times at the leisure centre for half term, the second half of that plan didn't work out, but we'll be making another attempt today.

So while I may not have met the goal that I set this past week, I have increased my mileage to an acceptable range for my training. Let's see how this week goes...I'm already feeling pretty good!


  1. That is fantastic and so well done:) You are doing really well and I am so happy that you feeling great too. Btw: its the same with me and Balazs - he is the runner and I am the swimmer:) Have a beautiful morning, darling.

    1. Thanks, Diana! Yeah, I'm a terrible swimmer, though I tried to get into it when I was pregnant with Ethan. Hope your day is going well!