Friday, January 11, 2013

Screen Style: BBC's Sherlock

Let me get it all out of the way up front: I love Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. As Sherlock Holmes and John Watson they're like pepperoni & pineapple: so different, but so good together. Not to mention that as the characters they portray, I could eat them both up. Sure one's so self-absorbed as to be practically asexual and the other is an inattentive boyfriend at best, but if they were real I'd be the biggest fangirl to ever sport a deerstalker. As it is, I sort of wish I had a reason to wear a deerstalker...or a fedora...I'm big on hats despite only owning two of them.

When my sister was here over the break, we three gleefully made our way through a Sherlock marathon. We rewatched all 6 episodes in 2 days and loved every minute of it. I couldn't help but think that I loved the whole style of the show and wanted to work some of that feeling into my own home and clothes. Hey: I take my inspiration where I can get it. And let's be honest: painting "I heart Sherlock" in bright yellow on the walls with some artistic bullet holes really isn't an option. (Aside from being entirely devoid of subtlety.) So, for those of us not so inclined to wear our hearts on our sleeves, how would we pay a little homage to the latest incarnation of Conan Doyle's famous detective and his mild-mannered assistant? Perhaps, with a few carefully curated picks from around the internet:

1) This sort of pink iPhone case makes a reappearance in a later episode. This version is from John Lewis, £24.95 
2) If you've seen the episode, then you'll know that the iconic Hackney cabs play a huge part in the plot. This cute Hackney cab stamp comes from skullandcrossbones on Etsy, $4.50
3) If you're looking for another way to work in the Hackney cab, try this adorable print from South London Prints on Etsy, £15.00
4) The bold wallpaper in the sitting room of 221B is pretty hard to miss. If you're brave enough, the actual pattern is available from a manufacturer called Zoffany. £104 per roll.
5) If you're not feeling obsessed brave enough to plaster your house in Sherlock's fleur-de-lis brocade wallpaper, you can always commit to this desktop wallpaper - complete with yellow smiley face - free from fanpop.

1) The waving Lucky Cat is cute in a cheesy, kiztchy sort of way: it also appears as part of a huge plot point. You can find this brooch from Laser Jewlery LaCanica on Etsy, £8.27
2) Although the snazzily simple blue-on-white, sans-serifed packaging is nowhere to be found on Floris's website, their Cefiro hand lotion is still available to buy. Floris London, £22.00 
3) This teapot reminds me of the ones Soo Lin Yao is restoring in the opening sequence (which was obviously shot in part of the British Museum. I used to hang out there a lot). You can find it at John Lewis: £9-12.50 Also: Check these super cute mugs you could find to match! From Little Wren Pottery on Etsy.
4) The iconic red paper lanterns from Chinatown make a brief, but memorable appearance in this episode. This print by Myan Soffia would be great way to evoke that. From society6, $39.00 framed.

1) I love that this is the episode where we get our first proper introduction to arch-nemesis Jim Moriarty. These bright-coloured pants would be a great tribute to his first moments on screen. Next, £19
2) These two prints by Matt Waring and Denny Armstrong are great shots of bit of Thamesfront London. It's a less artistic photo than these that clues Sherlock in to the next crime in Moriarty's puzzle. Matt Waring & Denny Armstrong from society6, £15.
3) This episode features a great fight scene in a planetarium. Not knowing too much about decent star projectors, it did take a bit of searching to find something that wasn't quickly discovered to be crap. The twilight turtle is definitely for kids, but it looks to be one of the better projectors out there. On Amazon, $32.95
4) Granted, Carl Powers's shoes in the show were 80s originals, but these Lebron X iDs by Nike do a pretty good job of approximating the old high-top 80s & 90s look. From Nike, £190
5) Though the Vermeer in the episode turns out to be a fake, you could still snag a coffee table book of the artist's work (or some postcards or prints) from London's National Gallery. Shop Art, the National Gallery, £6.99 

Also, a big help for this post was the Sherlockology website. It was great for tracking down some of the props and costume pieces in the show. Want to see any other shows or films show up like this? I'd love to do this sort of thing more often, so do let me know!

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