Thursday, January 10, 2013

Another Running Challenge

I know that I'm already in the beginning stages of amping up my training for the half marathon in March, but having already completed one minor running goal (the #RWRunStreak I did from Thanksgiving to New Year's), I'd like to try another, just to keep myself motivated and add a focus to my running month-to-month.

This is something I found when in the midst of an internet daisy chain. (Internet Daisy Chain n. A period of time spent mindlessly surfing the web where one follows links through Google searches, Wikipedia, blogs, etc. with no specific end point in mind. These can start with serious intent, but quickly devolve into leap frogging from one interesting website/blog to another.) I've been looking for more running-related blogs just to add a new dimension to the things I read every day, as well as to find some additional motivation. That was when I managed to stumble across this post at Mommy Run Fast:

via, Mommy Run Fast
Basically, you commit to run either 5k or 5 miles by the 5th of every month, from January to June. If nothing else, it sets a good precedent for the rest of the month, but they're also giving away prizes!

Since I did that 10-miler with the Husband on New Year's Day, I've already managed my 5 by the 5th for January. Next month, though, I'll have to keep it going and be sure to post in the competition on Mommy Run Fast to see if I can snag myself some awesome swag. You know, in addition to feeling good about myself for keeping up with my running.

Right now, though, E is about to hop up from his nap, so it's time we kitted up and headed to the library for singing time! I may not be running today, but at least I can get in a decent walk with the jogger.

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