Friday, January 18, 2013

Fashionista Moment

This is another of those thoughts that struck me late at night, and so I wanted to properly think it all through in the cold light of day. I miss my phase of wearing plaid all the time as a kid: it's such a cozy pattern, and it feels a real shame that I don't currently have a well-loved plaid button-down to pair with my jeans and my dressy skirts through the autumn and winter. That will need to change. I only have one button-down top as it is!

But I wanted to think of ways to avoid the whole lumberjack chic I rocked as a tween, too: find some ways to make a traditional tartan feel more feminine. These three outfits are what I came up with:

Plaid, Lace, & Pearls

Also, can we say a huge hurrah for the 3" of snow rapidly accumulating outside of my window? I do love the winter. Especially when it delivers like this. You can understand now why I was reminiscing on my plaid flannel button-downs of yesteryear.

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