Thursday, January 17, 2013

All the Little Things I Love

I find all sorts of fun trinkets on the interwebs that make me smile. Some of them are cute, but impractical, others are things that make me covet so hard that all the king's horses and all the king's men couldn't put the 10th commandment back together again. I thought I'd share a few, just for kicks.

...and because, pretty things make me happy. So I'm sharing the happiness.

1) This 'A study in Pink' fabric (see the Sherlock theme coming back?) was an entry in Spoonflower's Whodunnit Toile de Joie contest. Though it's not very 'toile' feeling to me, I appreciated the adorable line drawings of Cumberbatch & Freeman. So simple, so cute.

2) Because who doesn't like a cozy plaid flannel blanket? Only people without a soul; that's who.

3) Bicycle taxidermy is an absolutely serious thing I'm going to do for the Husband when his current steed finally kicks the bucket. It's just such a fun, ever-so-slightly quirky, and highly personal piece of decor.

4) These super cute cards by paperlovelypress on Etsy belong in my kitchen. Framed. I'm a habitual greeting-card-framer and these would earn a place on the walls of our flat.

5) Terrain's farm table pewter pitcher is darling. It's simple, well-balanced, and reminds me of Colonial-era paintings in this one of Paul Revere by John Singleton Copley:

via, MFA Boston
6) These chairs that I saw in a post on The Selby ages ago still catch my fancy when I look at them. I just want to fill them up with cushions and plaid flannel blankets (and maybe a sheepskin throw from IKEA) and just sit on a porch drinking cocoa and watching it snow. Why is this not my life?

7) These Eva Fehren earrings are ridiculously expensive, but they're divine. I love the proportions, the space, the shape, the rose gold. Can someone please do a knockoff version so that I can feel stylish without also feeling homeless because I bought $5000 earrings?

8) I'm not usually a fan of animal print - and to be honest I'd love this even more in a plaint brown leather band - but the Wanderlust watch by Feral Watches is the sort of thing I'd actually wear...instead of letting it sit safely in my jewellery box for months on end. Also: I feel weird wearing watches on the proper wrist. I don't know, things on my left wrist just bug me.

9) I can't go on my 'I Should Cook This' Pinterest board without getting a serious case of the munchies. That said, my next endeavour definitely needs to be these homemade Samoas, because it has been far too long since a Girl Scout brightened my doorstep with a Radio Flyer full of delicious cookies.

10) Not that I didn't just buy a new duvet cover or anything, but this pintuck set from West Elm makes me drool just a bit. And that dark grey just feels so classy!

I hope you've enjoyed that little collection. It's funny, as much as I'd love to own all the stuff I just shared, it makes me notice more of the bits I love about my own home. I love the new layout of our bedroom (pictures soon!), the dark Hemnes furniture from IKEA, the framed card I have from the Farnham Pottery, and the little Vera Bradley jewellery box that was a birthday prezzy from my mommy last year! Mostly, though, I love how all of these things help create a feeling of calm in my home. When a space really feels like it's yours, you can relax in it so much more, you know?

1. A Study in Pink toile de joie, by Maeli on Spoonflower
2. Vintage Throw from Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co.
3. Bicycle Taxidermy: the loving and lasting solution for your mechanical bereavement. :)
4. Herbs and Merci French Press Letterpress cards from Paper Lovely Press on Etsy
5. Farmhouse Pitcher from Terrain
6. Matthias Dahlgran from the Selby
7. Eva Fehren Rose Gold X Spear earrings, from Barneys New York
8. The Wanderlust, Leopard, from Feral Watches
9. Homemade Samoas recipe from Design*Sponge
10. Pintuck duvet set from West Elm

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