Monday, January 21, 2013

Enjoying the Snow

This weekend we headed up to the in-laws's place to get the whole family together for the first time in 2 years. The Husband's youngest brother has been in France doing missionary work and just came home earlier last week. Aside from the initial inconvenience of clogging some of the roads, the weather couldn't have been better, either. Who doesn't love a cozy family gathering when there's picturesque snow outside and you have nowhere else to be?

Accordingly, we enjoyed copious amounts of hot chocolate, Lindt truffles, home-baked cookies, YouTube videos, and sledging. Pictures of that last activity to follow...

Father and son just before their first trip down the hill!

Henricus and Rachel

Henry wasn't too sure about going sledging...

Em gives Tim and Felicity a push.

Robin getting to know his youngest (for now) nephew
We all had a fantastic time playing games, watching videos, and reading books. Not to mention letting E and Henry run around all over the place together. It's nice to have the space and the leisure to just let him wander around to his heart's content.

Not sure yet what the rest of this week will bring, aside from a much-needed trip to the mechanic to get our car sorted! But at least E has now been able to enjoy a proper snowfall and his first two sledge rides with Mummy & Daddy. Hopefully, this week will bring the first signs of some new teeth. Because right now we just have all of the fussiness with none of the benefit of new chompers. Hmm...

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