Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Halfsies Training: A Change of Scenery

Saturday's long run was a breath of fresh air...proverbially speaking. My proposed 9-mile route took me through town, along the Basingstoke Canal, past the MOD land where the Grim will be held in December, and back up through a little nature reserve and into our neighbourhood. However, there were two significant problems with my plan. The first was the rain that turned into hail, stopped long enough to let me get out on the roads, then picked up again once I was running along the canal. The second was the bad idea of running with any sort of stomach upset. Even if you think it's passed: don't be deceived. At just about mile 7, I pulled my phone out of my back pocket and told the Husband that I needed to be picked up and driven home. There comes a point where you have to know when to throw in the towel, and this was that time.

Otherwise, the run went pretty well. I was making decent time - well, decent time for me - clocking in at about a 12-minute mile pace throughout. Considering that was about my pace the last time I did the Grim - when I was running 5 miles most days of the week - I think I'm actually training much better than I was before. Really, the only goal I need to have between now and the Grim is to start getting my time down, since the distance isn't a problem, barring any illness.

Today was another day where we did our post-work family run as well, and we opted for another change of scenery compared to my usual routes. I went round one more exit on the roundabout where I turn off to meet the Husband so that we each got to run a slightly different route, and the Husband got a slightly longer run on his end...which helpfully translates to a slightly longer run as I go to meet him. We have our respective paces timed pretty well: we generally meet at the actual halfway point on the route between home and the office. But this run today went pretty well. The change of route definitely helps when you need to revamp your motivation to keep running. Variety is the spice of life and other such cliches.

My next weekend long run will definitely be an attempt to finish the canal route that the Husband plotted out for me on Saturday. After that: who knows? I may try getting back onto the Blackwater Valley Path, which is what I used to run when we lived on the other end of town. Running in parks and wooded paths is much more tranquil than running on the sidewalks by busy roads. With the right scenery, it's easy to feel as if your perceived rate of exertion is a lot lower. I'm already looking forward to seeing the leaves changing on all the trees by the canal. Not to mention, over at Garson's. That's right, people: this weekend is pumpkin picking! Contain your excitement. I know I'm trying to. Did I mention that I love autumn?

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