Monday, October 15, 2012

Mommy Mondays: Being Versatile

As the exercise and eating regime that the Husband and I have been on keeps ever-so-slowly taking its effect, I realise that sometimes I need to find new ways to wear some of the things that are in my wardrobe. With some of the first sub-zero temps of the season, as well, we've been breaking out the cold weather gear with joyful abandon. I'm always one for layering and so I love having versatile pieces that I can wear either in hot weather or cold: or skinny or pregnant, or feeling yucky and stretched out postpartum.

Witness: the return of the maternity top. As I recall, I bought this some time around or after my birthday last year when I was just starting to look hugely pregnant. I suppose that's the nice thing about sweater dresses: they look great once you've lost the baby weight, but they also flatter a bump. I decided to break this one out again as a nice sort of tunic-like top with leggings and boots. Throw on a nice long cardi, scarf, and hat to fend off the deep autumnal chill, and it's a brilliant outfit - easy to breastfeed in - that is simple and cute, but still baby-friendly.

Oh! And the socks! As I mentioned in the breakdown, my mommy made me these socks. They're brilliant thick wool socks that I always wear under my boots. I love how cosy they are. They definitely fuel my desire for a few pairs of fair-isle knee-high socks to pair with the boots and a corduroy skirt.

Ahh...toasty warm feet.
I'll show off E's outfit as well. He just got a gorgeous package full of clothes from his great-grandpa (the guy we named him after). While I normally would hold out letting him have a present until his birthday was actually here, these clothes were just too cute not to try out. Especially the hoodie and beenie that were included. Thanks, Granddad! E looks like such a stylish little toddler now.

Ready for the playground.

Do you like it with the hood up or down?
Granted, he has quite a few jumpers and jackets, but I like this hoodie and the other one he has because they're much better suited to running around a slightly muddy playground than his hand-knitted numbers or the huge fair isle cardigan from H&M. Not to mention: his new clothes give him plenty of room to grow...something I'm sure he'll be doing a lot of in the coming year. *sniff* When did my tiny baby get so big!?

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