Monday, September 10, 2012

Vicarious Tourism: We Did It for the Lulz

Over the weekend, we decided to pack a lunch, some blankets, some camp chairs, and ourselves all into our little car and scamper down to the coast for a nice day at the beach to take advantage of the glorious weather. Our destination? Lulworth Cove and the Durdle Door. Considering that our beach was rocky rather than sandy, the whole day was the best that we could have asked for.

The water of the Channel was surprisingly clear, the day was just hot enough, the sun was shining, and even though the beach was a popular destination, it never felt particularly over-crowded. We were really enjoying ourselves.

Our family are big fans of the beach.

I can't resist getting in pictures with my little boy!

A bit of father and son time by the shore.
We brought books, but I don't think anyone bothered to read a word. As Victoria put it, the day was just too nice to justify reading when you could just sit and take it all in. The Husband and I walked E down to the surf a few times to let him play around in the water. Mostly he toddled around and threw some rocks around. He was trying to throw them into the water like we did, but didn't quite have the strength...or the coordination.

E is triumphant with a bit of Jurassic coast behind him.
(Yes, we kept singing the Jurassic Park theme tune...)

At the end of the day (after making E a nest of towels and blankets to take a nap in), we packed up our things to begin the journey home. First on the list, though, was a requisite stop for a fish & chips dinner over in Lulworth Cove proper. E was particularly excited and babbled and squealed pretty much the whole way through the meal. Oh! And he ate chips for the first time, so I was pretty pleased. We'd never been able to get him to eat potatoes before.

All in all, this is definitely the sort of outing we'll be repeating in future. And even for just a day, it was definitely worth the few hours each way in the car. I highly suggest putting this on a to-do list for nice days out.

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