Friday, September 7, 2012

All About the Details: Bay Window

I've started to realise lately just how much I enjoy having plants in the house. Actual growing plants or cut doesn't really make much difference to me. Gladioli, lilies, succulents, the little tree we bought at IKEA (and I still don't know what kind of tree it is), even some roses I once stuck in a milk-carton-shaped creamer I bought at NEXT. I enjoy having plants even though Ethan is at the stage where he likes to test his limits by seeing if I'll always say "No!" when he yanks on the leaves of our little potted tree.

But what I've really discovered lately - especially with our new living room arrangement - is that even more than having flowers in a vase on the table (that we hardly ever sit at), I like having flowers in a vase in our bay window. Or even just the vase in the bay window.

When we moved the dining table against the far wall, bar-style, to give E more playing room on the living room floor, two of the chairs found their way into the window alcove for more living room seating. This way, we have honest-to-goodness seating in the round if I pull in the upholstered bench that not-so-secretly holds all of our crafting supplies.

What I've realised is that I thoroughly enjoy accessorizing that bay window. I love seeing the mid-afternoon sunlight streaming in to set off the chairs against the polka-dot curtains with my sparkly picture frame and sparkly vase. (And I even staged the scene a bit with E's brand-new wooden race car; courtesy of his Oldemor. Oh, and if you don't speak Danish, that's his great-grandmother: my Farmor.)

I'll have to find you some other little corners of the house that have been jazzed up in our time here. And of course, this bay window will change drastically over the coming months as Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas approach. Expect to see several reincarnations of this space, people. I'm already looking forward to it.

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