Thursday, September 6, 2012

Vicarious Tourism: Farnham Castle & Park

So in an effort to get out and see a few of the local sights before the good weather runs out, Victoria, Ethan, and I all headed down to Farnham for a few hours to have a picnic at the castle keep, walk through the park, and let E enjoy the baby playground. All three goals were quite successfully accomplished.

After a bit of lunch, E had a great time wandering the little grassy field in the top of the keep on his baby harness. Yup: to save my back until his balance gets better (and to keep him from running off when it does), I've put my child in a harness. He gets used to walking around without having to constantly hold my hand and I can still catch him before he hurts himself if he falls.

I have to say, we did enjoy our picture taking today. The weather was absolutely gorgeous, so it was the perfect time to have an activity that required being outside. And - guys with lawnmowers aside - the top of the keep is a brilliant place to have a picnic. Since it was a weekday morning, there weren't very many people around, so we basically had the place to ourselves for the majority of our lunch.

Look at all the history I'm appreciating.
 After lunch, we headed back to the car to snag the pushchair (Farnham Castle is not a place for pushchairs unless you're a masochist looking to build upper body strength while you climb stairs) and headed through the park to the playground in order to give E a bit of fun time. He's really getting to the age where he sincerely and thoroughly enjoys all the amusements a playground has to offer. Can I just say how much I love watching that? Like when he rode this little bouncy thingy all on his own and stood up to make it rock. That's my boy.

This is not my first rodeo.

 So now, as my two cohorts take a brief nap, I'm wondering just where we should go next. Winchester? Portsmouth? Southampton? London? Believe you me, I do have some very fun (and very photogenic) trips in mind, but with a weekend shortly upon us, we've got to live it up as much as possible. Stay tuned for more fun adventures.

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