Monday, September 10, 2012

Mommy Monday: Back to Baby Group

Today was Ethan's first official day of baby group! We already knew most of the kids and their mums from before, but this time we're in the group officially...not as hangers-on attempting to gate crash the wait list. E, naturally, made a great impression on all the mums by simply flashing a cheeky grin to display his big blue eyes nicely. It also helped that he was one of three little boys who decided that pirate-themed shirts were the way to dress today. I decided that the first day of the new semester of play group required some nice duds for me as well.

The t-shirt, I must confess, belongs to my sister. That said, I think I'll be finding my own version of the stripey tee very soon. I need more horizontal stripes in my wardrobe. The jeans are the same as last time (my other pair have worn some very inappropriate holes in them...) and the shoes are actually the pair I bought to wear with my wedding dress. It's always nice to find another excuse to wear white shoes once you have them. The bracelets I am only assuming are from Accessorize: they were a gift from the Husband before he was The Husband. They came as part of a larger package for my 22nd birthday back when we were still temporarily on two different continents.

And, remembering my insistence on the details, I decided to get with it and paint my nails again today using this inspiration from my Pinterest pages:

via, exPress-o

...close enough.
Obviously, my French manicuring skills could use some work. That said, I really like this sort of look. I'll have to keep brushing up on my terrible make-up and manicure skills so that I can do stuff like this more often.

Now if only I could build my wardrobe appropriately to rock a few things like these...

via, HATCH
via, StyleCaster
via, Encore! Life

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