Wednesday, March 28, 2012

It's All About Perspective

I was driving myself to the gym last night when I made a discovery. Well...make that two discoveries.
Number one: I should run to the gym more now that British Summer Time means that it's light until nearly 8 pm. Number two? I've actually lost much more of my baby weight than I realised. About 22 lbs of it, actually! having weighed myself last night and looked at some of the old notes from my midwife appointments, there's only about 10 lbs to go until I'm back to the weight I was when we first realised Ethan was on the way. Granted, I think I'll try for another 5 lbs or so on top of that, but really, this means that my ill-fitting clothes are down to two factors: massive baby-feeders (the milk has to go somewhere!), and un-toned abs.

The second of those two problems is the only one I can really do anything about right now. My new-and-improved bust line won't make any substantial changes until E and I are done with the whole breastfeeding gig. If you've had kids before, you know what I'm talking about, and if not...well, consider yourself forewarned. Even when you're back to your old size or old weight, your shape, my dears, will have changed forever. Babies do that. (At least at moments like this, where they're next to you in the bed playing with toys and gurgling cutely while you blog, they feel indubitably worth it.) And anyway, since we're only 5 months into this whole mommy-and-outside-baby routine, I think my baby-feeders still have lots of use in them. (But not 2-3 years of use...that's just a bit too long. I want my body back before the next baby comes along.)

Anyway, while I go to the gym, and run with our jogging stroller, and plank and crunch and do oblique twists, I still have to acknowledge the fact that some of my old clothes are just plain indecent now. Not to mention that tops are dresses have to meet the additional criteria of being "easy access" so that I can feed E without much hassle. Anything too fiddly or with zippers in the back is stricken off the lists, like Charleton Heston in The Ten Commandments.

This has meant the need for a few new additions to my closet (to replace a few things that no longer have a place).

This lovely top, courtesy of Mothercare, is designed for nursing mums, so not only is it easy to whip up and discretely feed my baby boy, but the cut is also flattering to my mummy tummy (i.e.: the slightly flabbier, love-handled tyre around my middle). I know this because I snagged it for myself the other week and wore it out for our lovely impromptu picnic.

Again from Mothercare, this is technically maternity wear, I think...but your bump has to be pretty small to fit under this. And anyway, the cut isn't so obviously maternity-ish that you can't wear it once the bump has given way to your outside baby. I grabbed this for myself last week, too, and it just looks like a nice long tunic-like top. It's great paired with leggings and sandles.

This top speaks for itself, I think. Paired with a nursing cami underneath, it can go from bump to baby-feeding with no problems at all.

This look that I put together on Polyvore is another example of what you want in a transition wardrobe: stuff that looks cute, and doesn't look like you went shopping thinking to yourself, "wow, I'm like a beached whale now." Things that flatter you when you're not at the top of your fitness game, but will still look decent once you reach your goals. After all, you don't want to be buying a new wardrobe three for pregnancy, and a few pieces to augment your stash while you're getting back to "normal" are all you really want.

The keys? Well-cut tops that float away from the mid-section. Things that are fitted around the bust (hey, milk that newfound contrast for all it's worth). Stretchy fabrics that give you a bit of wiggle room. Light layers. Oh, and most important, a supportive bra. Yes, if you breastfeed, you want something that gives you that all-important "easy access" again, but you also want to make sure it's holding you in the way it should. You don't want to find one day that your boobs are down by your bellybutton, after all.

Right. I'm out now. Ethan has decided that blogging is officially leaving him with too little of my undivided attention. Not to mention we should both get dressed and go enjoy a walk in the springtime sunshine. 11.30 is a bit shameful to still be in my pyjamas...

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