Saturday, March 24, 2012

Bright and Sunshiny Day

Well, much like the song, today was a bright and sunshiny day. After a long and luxurious lie-in, it was time to go be a productive family and do the grocery shopping. After spending 5 days away from home, there wasn't much in the way of nutritious and delicious meal fixins.

This week has just kept getting better in terms of the weather, and today was the day to surpass all others. Granted, a drive through the Cotswolds (complete with shopping), and a trip into Oxford for lunch, Thornton's ice cream and some culture at the Ashmolean with Yvonne both had brilliant weather, but today was simply stunning. In the low 80s by the time we were loading our groceries and a sleeping baby into the car! So, we were duty-bound to go home, change into shorts, slather on the sunblock, and pack a picnic lunch for a yomp out to Farnham Castle and the adjoining park. 

Excuse me? I'm in the middle of lunch, here.

We're happy and we know we clap our hands.
A few sandwiches, some orange & barley, apples, macaroons, and some George R.R. Martin...sounds like an idyllic few hours in the sunshine to me. Especially when you add in what came next...


It don't mean a thing if it ain't got that swing...

Yup: it was E's first time out on the playground! Being 5 months old wasn't going to stop us from having a go on pretty much all of the playground equipment. The slide? Check. (But only once...he didn't really care.) The roundabout? Check. The swings? Every last kind available. For once it was hard to tell who was enjoying the whole experience more, us or Ethan. Between the smell of sunblock and an adjacent picnic barbeque, and the feel of the warm sun on bare legs, and the taste of Pringles and cold orange & barley squash from the bottle, the whole day felt like a beautiful glimpse of summer. When we wandered back to the car park and drove home to the hilarious musings of Skeptics With a 'K', we felt like we'd had a day at the beach.

Tired and happy is a good way to end the day. (But perhaps not nauseous from motion sickness, which is why I won't be braving the roundabout again....)

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