Friday, March 30, 2012

Things Not To Do

As demonstrated by our little adventure this morning, here are a few things I'd advise you not to do...

  • Don't take off your son's nappy only to realise that he was waiting for that precise opportunity to start pooping.
  • Don't reach in a blind panic for handfuls of cotton balls to staunch the spreading avalanche of warm smelly yuck. Especially, don't let it get on your hands.
  • Don't make an attempt to raise your son's feet to keep him from rolling and thrashing in his own filth. He'll just wriggle free and get poop all over his legs...and then hands when he grabs for his feet again.
  • Don't make a rush to carry him to the bathroom wrapped up in his changing mat in an attempt to confine the mess.
  • Don't run him a small bath to wash off the warm smelly yuck only to find that a few more solid bits of baby poo have remained when you drained the tub.
  • Don't try to run the shower to clean out the tub once you've sprayed it with bleach water. And whatever you do, don't get into a fight with the shower head while you're trying to make it spray far enough to clean your'll get sprayed full-on in the face and soak through the t-shirt and bra you just put on.
What should you do? Take a few cute pictures once the crazy is all done.

even covered in poop, I'm cute!

a freshly cleaned little monster.

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