Thursday, January 12, 2012

Baby Steps

I have accepted the fact that some time in the relatively near future, I'll have to let Ethan sleep in his crib. In his own room. Where I can't watch him every three minutes during the night. On the plus side, this means I'll get my bed back. I'll only have to share with one boy, rather than two. On the down side...I'm a clingy momma. I confess it freely. When he's not screaming and I don't have to be anywhere or get something ready, I'm perfectly happy to sit on the couch with a drink and cuddle my baby and watch TV. I think it's the cutest thing when E falls asleep holding my hand, or clutching my shirt with his head resting against my shoulder.

I've tried putting him in the bassinet in our room. When he was really little, he'd sleep in it for maybe 3 hours at a time. As he got older, that figure didn't improve at all, and Yours Truly taking a succession of 3-hour naps at night just wasn't cutting it. So, one night we put him to sleep in our bed and got a miraculous 5 1/2 uninterrupted hours of blissful sleep. We haven't looked back.

Now, though, in anticipation of getting back to some semblance of a normal sleeping arrangement, I've started putting him in his room for naps. Said naps don't tend to last for long, but hey: the point is to set up the habit of using his room as a place to sleep so it's familiar by the point that I want him sleeping through the night in there. Today, I don't think we got more than 10 minutes sleep at a time in the crib, but it's a start.

if only this would last

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