Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Atmosphere and Exercise

Today we finally got back out for a walk. Between the rain (which is a legitimate excuse) and the laziness (which isn't), E and I haven't managed to drag ourselves out for a walk in quite a while. Since before Christmas, if I'm not mistaken. Of course, it doesn't help that he's been slightly fussier than normal lately, and quite a few days - including yesterday - were pretty much entirely taken up by me pacing the house with him in my arms. I couldn't have put him down long enough to get ready for a walk, much less actually take one with him in the Moby or the stroller for an hour. For now, I've just tricked him into a nap by nestling him into Seb's pillow in his crib. Top it off with a bit of milk, his binky, and a few rounds with the Brahms' lullaby dog, and I've got myself a peacefully sleeping baby: no jiggling or pacing required. (Let's just see how long it lasts. I'd really like to get my Sherlock Holmes on and finally get past the first page of A Scandal in Bohemia...)

Taking a break to cuddle.

It's been a cool and overcast day today, though lucky it hasn't threatened rain like yesterday. We had a lovely walk out on the MOD grounds nearby. There's plenty of scrub land just the next town over that the MOD uses for training and testing tanks, and the locals use for dog-walking, cross-country running, nature-walking, and - come December - the Grim Challenge. Now granted, it's not Regent's Park or the canal where I used to run when we both lived in London (le sigh), but it's lovely having so much practical wilderness so close by. It's relaxing, really.

gorse bushes and pine trees

Our other discovery this week? I think we have a Daddy's Boy on our hands. He's much more excited and talkative when Daddy comes home than at any other time in the day...even on fussy days.

Come home so we can play!

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