Monday, January 16, 2012

Tongue Untied

We fixed it! One quick snip and suddenly, my baby boy can feed like a champ: no clicking noises or excessive fussiness required.

They say babies often sleep through the procedure, and I can see why! Ethan woke up long enough to be indignant about having a stranger's fingers in his mouth, then fed a bit to nurse (haha, get it?) his offended pride, and was promptly asleep again before I even got out of the Maternity ward.

the Phantom of the Opera is there...
We tried to snap some pictures of the snip, but Mr. Paparazzi-Hands over here just wasn't having it today. So we took some video instead. He sticks his tongue out in all its glory early on...about 8 seconds in, but I had to keep filming just in case (and I caught some cute yawns for my trouble!).

It's funny: I texted the Husband and my mother-in-law after we were done, and the latter praised me - not only for the TLC I dish out on my boys - but for my "stoic nature". I suppose it is a virtue to be able to unflinchingly do, or watch, the difficult things for your kids when you know it's ultimately for their good. I never really thought of that as a mothering trait before...

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