Tuesday, December 13, 2011

A Smile?

After yesterday's first official legitimate smile, today was time to attempt to recreate the phenomenon. Because, let's face it: if it's not on film I can't talk about it obsessively! :) The thing is, E's smiled so infrequently thus far that every time I can coax even the tiniest of smirks out of him, I freak out like it's the best thing since Nutella on sliced bread. Yesterday morning's smile, therefore, produced nothing less than a fit of excited giggles that could put a 13-year-old Justin Bieber fan to shame. Hey: you've got to embrace the patheticness that comes with being a parent. Suddenly, your child's every sniffle and fart is a cause for celebration. And by celebration, I mean putting on the embarrassing baby voice and congratulating your baby:

"Look at that! That was such a good burp. Yes it was! Yesitwaaaaas!"
"You peed, baby! You peeeeeeed! And it's everywhere! Yes it is! You peed everywhere!"
"[gasp] It's a naked baby! It's a naked baby in the bath! You're having a bath, baby boy: you're having a bath!"

(Admitting it is the first step. But admitting it doesn't mean I'll stop. Unlike other addicts, I can't just quit any time I want. I know that now.)

As with anything with a baby, trying to capture a smile on camera takes several attempts. Here now are the very best of our outtakes:

Power to the people! Holla!


How you doin'?

So...you feelin' lucky...punk?

Flash those cute little gums!
Unfortunately, the best smile I've seen yet still hasn't been immortalised on memory stick, but we'll get there. The best attempts seem to come in the morning, so tomorrow - as Miss Scarlet said - is another day!

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