Monday, December 12, 2011

Getting in the Spirit

We went on a walk today. A nice long one, too. What does that have to do with getting into the Christmas spirit? My iPod and the attendant podcasts and songs. I've been struggling to feel like it's finally the Advent season and that Christmas is right around the corner. As it turns out, what I needed wasn't so much my Advent Santa counter, or my Grandma's Nativity, or even my tree. I needed Christmas music! So, I got out into the seasonal chill with Ethan in his jogging stroller and popped in my headphones to enjoy some decent Yuletide tunes and really start getting into the swing of things.

Hey you: keep walking.

Mommy and son catching some mid-winter rays.
With that in mind, here are my current top 12 Christmas listens. Why 12? Because there are12 days of Christmas, fool! And why "listens"? Because one isn't a song, but rather a testament to my super nerd status (a.k.a. a Christmas podcast). PS- this is where I insist that you follow the links...for your own good and all.

  1. Gabriel's Message - Sting 
  2. Gaudete - Medaeval Baebes
  3. O Come, O Come Emmanuel - The Fray
  4. Happy X-Mas (War Is Over) - Maroon 5
  5. Do They Know It's Christmas? - Band Aid
  6. This Christmas - Chi Rho
  7. In Dolce Jubilo - Medaeval Baebes
  8. Mistletoe and Holly - Frank Sinatra
  9. Christmas is All Around - "Billy Mack" aka Bill Nighy
  10. Ave Maria - Jewel
  11.  I Saw Three Ships - The Lower Lights
  12. A Christmas Primer - Mormon Matters Podcast

The podcast I highly recommend to those with a strong mental constitution. I make that caveat because there is lots of academic banter and discussion about the intricacies of the Christmas story in the Gospels of Matthew and Luke and a decent amount of concentration is required to get something out of it. The nice thing is that at the end, the conclusion of the discussion reaffirms everyone's faith and their wholehearted enjoyment of the Christmas season and its message no matter the historical vagaries of the scriptural account.

Gotta love having a baby as an excuse to catch up on all sorts of interesting listening and watching during the day. Here's to jingling bells, dashes through the snow, one-horse open sleighs, and continuing to get into the mood as Christmas approaches!

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